Rental Policies

Please help maintain safe & enjoyable surroundings for all resort guests by following our
reasonable resort rental policies.

No Pets - Pets are NOT ALLOWED in our rentals or on the resort property at any time.  Our insurance coverage does not allow pets of any kind on the property.

No Smoking Inside Vacation Rentals - Please smoke in our screened pavilion or comfortable outdoor seating areas, non-smoking accomodations for ALL ROOMS.

Occupancy Limits
Occupancy maximums are 4 persons per studio suite, 6 per 1-bedroom and 8 for our 2-bedroom unit.
You may not exceed the maximum resort occupancy of your rental unit at any time during your stay
You can’t use unused occupancy (that of an open or other guest’s unit) to increase your occupancy level and invite more guests. 
You are responsible for all persons & visitors included with your rental.  You must check and confirm with Pratt’s Resort BEFORE inviting persons you did not include with your confirmation reservation to join you during your stay.  Visitors will be charged a $15.00 resort fee, per person, per day.  We reserve the right to deny additional occupancy requests after reservation confirmation. 
Persons not confirmed prior to arrival, and/or exceeding your maximum, will be asked to leave.

We expect all guests and their visitors to behave in a family-friendly manner.

No Lifeguard on Duty
All water related activities are at your own risk.

Maximum of 2 cars/vehicles per unit may park on resort grounds.
ALL extra vehicles, ALL boat trailers, and ALL visitor vehicles MUST park on our large private lot. No visitor trailer or camper parking allowed at any time.
Please do not park in front of the white fence & block other guest's view of the lake.

Dock & Vertical Boat Lifts
Boat lifts are available for rent ($10 per day, will lift most boats up and out of the water).
Lifts must be reserved before inclement weather occurs. There is no charge for dock use.
Slips are not assigned, however, please be considerate of other resort guests and use the same space for the duration of your stay.
Only registered guest's boats/watercrafts may use our dock, boat slips, vertical boat lifts and personal watercraft poles.

Resort Common Amenities & Areas
Do not leave personal items unattended on resort common areas.
Do not place grills or any other cooking device on the wooden decks or inside the screen pavilion.

Towels, Linens, Furniture, Room Amenities
Towels, linens, furniture and all other room amenities are provided for your use inside of your vacation rental.
Do not remove them, move to another unit, or take outdoors. You WILL BE charged for additional cleaning fee if we have to hunt down room amenities from other rooms or outside.

Please notify us immediately of any spills or breakage in your units.
Juice boxes and popsicles (or any frozen treat on a stick) are NOT allowed inside our vacation rentals.
Please eat at the tables, not in beds, sofas or on the floor.
You WILL BE charged for damage to our units, furniture and linens.

Please Respect Our Neighbors
Do not trespass onto our neighbor's private property. Highlands County noise ordinance is effective at 10 p.m.
Please be respectful to our neighbors & other guests.

Cancellations more than 30 days from date of arrival full refund. Less than 30 days no refund unless rebooked.
Rooms are not transferable.
NO REFUNDS for early departures.

Check In and Departure Times
April - December: Check in as early as 12 noon. Check out as late as 4:00 p.m.
January - March: Check in as early as 3:00 p.m. Check out as late as 11:00 a.m.


We thank you in advance for your cooperation
For the safety & comfort of all resort guests- We reserve the right to amend rental policies with notice.
Infringement of our reasonable rental policies will result in immediate guest or visitor expulsion without refund.